Locations of the event

The Moon :

Parking Barzettes-Violettes - Route des Barzettes 1 - 3963 Crans-Montana

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Cabane des Violettes CAS - 3963 Crans-Montana

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Cry d’Er Club d’Altitude :

Cry d’Er Club d’Altitude - 3963 Domaine Skiable, Cry d’Er Club d’Altitude

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By train and funicular:

Plan your transport on the site, route to Sierre. From the train station, follow the red line that leads to the funicular station. At the Montana station, a free shuttle will take you to the entrance of the Festival. Attention: for the Cry d'Er d'Altitude Club, access is via the Cry d'Er gondola. A free shuttle is also available for this stop.
Estimated travel time: From Lausanne - 1h45, Bern - 1h50, Basel - 3h, Zürich - 2h55, Milan - 3h15, Lyon - 4h30

Thursday April 6th - The last funicular from Sierre to Montana Station is at 21:15.
Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April - The last funicular from Sierre to Montana Station is at 22:15.
Night Funicular:
Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 10th: Departures 03h15 - 04h15 - 5h15 and 6h00.
The ride is free of charge upon presentation of the entrance ticket to the festival

Free shuttles
A free shuttle service (rotation every 20 minutes) is provided to connect the Moon (Montana, Violettes) site to Cry d'Er with stops at
- Montana Train Station
- Montana Pavillon
- Montana Albert 1
- Crans-s S, cable car

By car :

Motorway A9, exit "Sierre-Ouest" then follow the sign "Crans-Montana" (15 km, about 25 minutes from the exit).
Estimated travel time: From Lausanne - 1h30, Bern - 2h15, Basel - 3h, Zürich - 3h30, Milan 3h45 -, Lyon - 3h35

Parkings Moon & MDRNTY

Parking of the Post Office
Avenue of the Gare 20
3963 Crans-Montana 1
Then walk 5 min to the stop of the "Montana Railway" funicular to take the free shuttle
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Parking Clovelli
Route de Clovelli 6 - 8 - 10
3963 Crans-Montana
Then walk 10 min to the funicular station to take the free shuttle
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Parking Cry d'Er Altitude Club
Parking Crans-Cry d'Er Altitude Club
Route of the Cableways
3963 Crans-Montana
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Visitors with disabilities

The Festival is accessible to people with reduced mobility. An infirmary is available on the festival site and in the Moon room if needed. Equipped toilets are also available. Access is free for the accompanying person.

For any further information, we would be delighted to reply by email:

Age limit

The Moon, MDRNTY and Cry of Er Club Altitude: 18 years old. The festival reserves the right of entry.

Inadequate behavior

Caprices Festival reserves the right to restrict access to the site to anyone who behaves in a way that endangers others or others.


Tickets are available HERE. Print your ticket and exchange it at the festival entrance. You also have the option of presenting your ticket digitally on your smartphone.

The ticket gives free access to the funicular from the train stations of Sierre and Montana.

The Moon ticket gives access to the Moon compound, the MDRNTY ticket gives access to the CMA ski lifts for the Violettes, the Cry d'Er Club ticket gives access to the CMA ski lifts for Alpe d'Huez Club d'Altitude .

Tickets are not taken back, exchanged or refunded.

All the artists announced confirmed their participation in the festival. Nevertheless, cancellations or program changes are still possible. These modifications will in no case give right to a refund or an exchange of ticket, subscription or package.

In the event of a definitive cancellation of a whole evening, the festival reserves the right to refund, exchange or not the tickets or packages according to the circumstances of the cancellation, and within a period of 30 days.

For any questions regarding ticketing, we will be delighted to reply to you by email:


  • Cash
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard) + Swiss bank cards are accepted during the festival.


Food will be available on the site of the event.

Lists of objects not allowed in the festival

  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Food and drinks
  • Professional photo and video equipment
  • All kinds of pyrotechnic materials
  • Animals in general, exceptions for accompanying dogs
  • All kinds of flammable substances
  • Sharp and / or sharp items


A wardrobe is available at Moon, MDRNTY and Cry d'Er Altitude Club. The festival declines all responsibility in case of loss or theft.

Smoking area

A smoking area is available at each festival site (Moon, MDRNTY and Cry d'Er Club d'Altitude)

Lost and found

The found objects are collected at the wardrobe of the Moon throughout the event.

Sound and lights

The Festival is committed to respecting all the standards in force for the protection of the audience's hearing. Depending on where you are, sound emissions can reach 100 decibels. Prolonged exposure to this power may cause damage to the eardrums. It is therefore strongly recommended to use ear pads, distributed free of charge at the reception and prevention booth.

Contacts in case of emergencies

  • Police emergency: 117
  • Fire fighters: 118


One of the peculiarities of Caprices Festival lies in its resolutely green approach. The idyllic setting of Crans-Montana requires special attention to the environment in order to preserve the place. Le Caprices Festival partners with many partners to optimize recycling, sustainable development and waste treatment during the event.

PET recycling

Founded in 1990, the PRS PET-Recycling Switzerland association is responsible for the collection of PET beverage bottles since the entry into force of EPO 1990 (Beverage Packaging Ordinance).

Today, it has a network for the collection of PET bottles covering the whole of Switzerland.

Returnable glasses

A deposit will be requested on each glass purchased. This will be done when the glass is returned.


Since 2004, the Caprice Festival is committed to prevention. It focuses on information and risk reduction through the development of specific projects. A preventive stand is provided for festival-goers in which water, fruits, ear pads and condoms are free of charge. Qualified people listen to each festival-goer throughout the event.